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Use MedSwift EHR to onboard all your patient records onto one cloud platform and manage your practice from any device.

Patient Relationship Management

We're dedicated to providing your patients the best possible experience.


Organize all your patient records with custom tools.


Engage patient base with digital portals and our new mobile app.


Allow your patient to have access to their health record.


Increase patient outcome through an improved EHR.


Automate tasks with custom templates and smart notes.


Boost patient satisfaction with our patient facing mobile app.


Everything You Need in an EHR

Our platform has everything you need in an EHR from organized patient databases, custom patient pages and more.

Functional Patient Database

Enjoy full control over your patient list with a powerful database tool to help you query patients based on custom markers, attach reminders, to-do list, personal notes and so much more. It's the ultimate tool to manage your entire patient base.

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Seamless File Imports

Stop wasting time with data entry! With our seamless file imports, any procedural images taken from machines, reports from other practices/hospitals or any other files you receive can be dragged and dropped write into you EHR with seamless integration.

  • .PDF's

  • .JPEG's

  • .PNG's

  • .MP4's

  • .WAV and so much more!

In-EHR Patient Messaging

Message all of your patients all straight from your EHR with their record easily accessible. Send important questionnaires and forms over messaging and have their answers import directly into your EHR.

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